Marketing Your Startup Small Business

Even if you have great products and services and a solid business plan, getting a new company off the ground can be an enormous challenge. In order for a startup to get off the ground and sustain growth, marketing the business properly right out of the gate is vital. It is impossible for consumers and clients to find your business if you do not put it out in front of them. Every new business owner should consider using the following tips in order to get their startup the right amount of exposure.

Use a Billboard

Billboard marketing is not cheap but it is an effective way to get your business out in front of your community. Countless consumers pass by billboards every day, giving startup owners thousands of opportunities to make an impact on their target market. Startups in some of the most competitive industries have used billboards to get themselves established with great success. Additionally, billboards are a great way to direct consumers to other marketing, such as websites.

Get Started on Social Media

To offset the costs of an expensive billboard, you can also use social media as a more cost-effective way to get your business in front of consumers. With the technology boom we have been having over the last few years, consumers have access to their social media channels at home and on the go. Generally speaking, having a business Facebook page or LinkedIn account costs next to nothing, if nothing at all, and when the right strategies are implemented it can be an invaluable marketing resource.

Look for Opportunities to be Interviewed

Another way to create excitement around your new business is to seek out opportunities to be interviewed by local televisions stations, radio shows, newspapers, or popular podcasts. Do some research and find journalists or television programs that may be interested in what your business is doing and reach out to them to offer a new perspective or your expertise in the given industry. During the interview, let them know what you are looking to accomplish with the business and your story.

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