Should I Use a Mac for My Business?

As much as I want to give you a straight simple answer to this question, I cannot. I will say that from my experience in the IT sector, most of the time the answer will be no. The reason for this is Windows still dominates most of the business world when it comes to operating systems and productivity software like Microsoft Office.

One of the reasons for this is that most back end “Servers” that run business networks are also Windows based. Not that you can’t mix the two environments but primarily, Windows servers work better with Windows workstations.

That said there are a lot of times when Apple Mac computers are better for business. Any time you have graphic design involved for example. Mac computers dominate this industry with their large high resolution screens and amazing graphic software. Almost every web design, printing or graphic design company I’ve been in use Mac computers exclusively.

A Mac computer is also a good choice for a small one or two person office simply because they are so versatile out of the box. If you’re a small business owner without many staff the answer to “Should I use a Mac for my business?” might be a solid yes. You’ll be wearing many hats in this case including designing your own logos and marketing materials or maybe even creating your own website all of which Mac computers are very good at.

With the release of Microsoft Office for Mac, you can still use Outlook, Word, Excel etc which makes it easier for those making the switch. There is certainly a learning curve involved, however, as the operating systems are quite different but the basic concepts like files, folders, copy, cut, paste, and the like are the same.

Being an IT professional I get into a lot of different offices running a lot of different businesses. I’d say 90% of the time they are all Windows based. Microsoft still dominates the business world by far. I will say though, I’ve seen an increase in the adoption of Mac and we are getting more and more orders for Macs these days through our sales department.

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