Video Editing Software is a Good Investment for Your Business

Video is the best way for you to promote your business online. You can easily record a video with your webcam and edit it in a video editor software. For basic video editing, you don’t have to get a professional video editing software that costs thousands of dollars. A simple video editor software like Movavi Video Editor is sufficient for doing the job. It is worthwhile to purchase a video editor if you often have to edit videos because it can save you money from having to outsource it to someone to edit the videos.

Movavi video editing software not just allow you to record your own videos but it also allow you to create a slideshow. You can adjust the settings of the webcam video recording though the Capture settings. In the Capture settings, there are various types of resolutions and frame rate to choose from. You can also choose the destination folder and how you want the file to be renamed for the video you captured via webcam with the video editing software.

imageYou can add titles, and song tracks to make the video more interesting. If there is any part of the video that you mistakenly recorded, you can clip it off from the timeline work area. It is able to record sounds from various types of music equipment that are connected to your computer such as Midi, microphone, and electric keyboard. You can plug in your microphone to add voiceover, which is great when you are creating an educational video. You can record a TV show that is aired to your computer through the TV tuner card with the software. It also has the ability to convert the film on an old VHS tape into a digital version.

You can cut the video into several segments accurately in the timeline. The video can be split into as many segments as you want. To split a video, you simply put your mouse cursor at the position where you want to split the video and click on the scissor icon. This feature is helpful when the recorded movie is a large file and you want to split it into a number of clips so that it is easier for you to upload and share it online.

It has a selection of Hollywood effects that you can add onto your video to make it look like Hollywood movies. For example, you can make a certain part of your video look slow motion. There are various types of retro filters you can choose from to make your video look like old movies such as 70s, gray scale and sepia.

Movavi Video Editor can work very fast because it supports Intel HD Graphics technology. You can export the video into a format that is supported by your mobile device including smartphone and tablets. In this way, you don’t have to find another software to convert the video file into a format that is suitable for viewing on your mobile device. You can save your edited video in various types of formats such as 3GPP, AVI, FLV, SWF, MP4, MKV and etc.

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