Over $26k Have Been Raised by Chefs to Support Underprivileged Students

Last week, 14 local chefs in Singapore cooked signature dishes to raise funds for socially disadvantaged students.

Such a charity promotion was performed under the event called “Chefs For A Cause”. God-doers succeeded in raising a decent sum: $16,800.

The Community Development Council in South East region will manage the funds on a dollar-for-dollar basis, and the total sum of contribution will be equal to $26,880. The School Life Fund and This Life Cambodia organizations will receive money.

Maliki Osman, the South East District Mayor and a government official, launched the School Life Fund company incorporation at Clarke Quay. Chef Jimmy Chok helped the civil servant to prepare a tasty dish – chicken rending – which was auctioned off. Other sources of money raising included selling tickets to the event, as well as food coupons. More than 200 people attended the unique event.

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