Thanks to automation Singapore company incorporation gets more affordable

For many years, entrepreneurs had a dream of setting up a company in Singapore. The city-state has an understandable legal framework and an efficient tax system making it an ideal space for foreigners to start their business. The only problem was that it was rather expensive to incorporate a company in Singapore with the number of fees amounting to thousands of dollars.

However, there exists a way to fix the system, that is to outsource repetitive work to robots. This solution is offered by Osome, the business incorporation company. The approach of Osome made it possible to free highly qualified specialists from routine tasks and to allow them to direct their time on more significant and demanding operations.

One of the products based on this approach is the Bonanza package. Bonanza is a service that includes Incorporation, Company Secretary, Address, and the Nominee Director for a year. The package includes everything there is necessary for a foreigner who wants to register a company in Singapore and maintain its operating for the first 12 months.

The primary target of Osome is to provide its customers with more time for their businesses by implementing sophisticated technologies. The Osome CEO Victor Lysenko said that after the routine was settled and automated, the customers could freely analyze, create and make changes and start the business. The next aim of the company was to make its products more valuable. For example, Osome provides Unlimited Corporate Secretarial services. There will be no extra charges, no matter how many tasks the company needs to solve. Osome offers additional services with their address, gathering the correspondence, notifying you and sending the current one. It is very convenient for those people who want to manage a company from abroad. Moreover, Osome helps with getting working visas for people and families that want to move to Singapore. Read more about the Singaporean Employment and Dependant Pass policies and Osome’s services helping getting the visa. 

Osome is an illustrative example of modern fintech solutions. The company was given a name of Pioneers of Cloud Community Network by Infocomm Media Development Authority of Singapore. The company already has over 800 customers and raised over US$2 mln in funding to develop its services and to widen its reach.

This was reported by Enterprise Singapore, the government body championing development of business in Singapore (ACRA agency is responsible for company incorporation).

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